2013 July – Nov
Collaborated with Don Barnett (lead) and Marc Doll
My role: Visual and Interaction design including interactive prototyping

Photosynth is an application that analyzes successive digital photos and generates a three-dimensional model through point cloud generation and image slicing. IPE design team was asked to design technical preview website that highlights the third generation of its technology. To excite and inspire its existing and potential new users, we refreshed brand identity and modernized the look and feel of website.

The blurred full-sized background image and animating thumbnail provide user enjoyable and immersive browsing experience. The carousel design also provides good amount of breathing space and helps user to concentrate their attention only on a few items at a time.

In order to keep user in the flow, the detailed info and tool view appears in a dark translucent pane above the current synth. This use of translucency gives user a sense of context and feels less obtrusive. The beauty of the overlay is that it is easily dismissable – tapping anywhere on the screen brings user back to the synth.