UFC Identity

2008 Brandimage

The United Fashion Company is a sister entity of the United Development Company in Qatar that specializes in the retail, distribution and marketing of fashion and luxury brands. I created a monogram retaining the visual characteristics of Arabic letterforms: high contrast between thick and thin stokes and prominent vertical stress. These features are not only apparent in Arabic letterforms but also in black letters and Didone (modern) typefaces, both of which are widely used in the fashion industry. As a result, this monogram is a reflection of local and global heritage. Besides the monogram, I also made accompanying patterns as supporting visual elements that modernizes and reinterprets Islamic patterns.



2008 Brandimage

Morgans Reload is a store which focuses more on providing a curated retail experience than just simply showcasing and selling products. The store is curated regularly by a different artist, designer, or popular cultural figure with items they have created, been inspired by, or desired. Reload is a gateway to excitement and wonders. With these things in mind, I created an iconic word mark, functioning as a window, which reveals different types of Reload events. The thick width of letters, sharp endings and the unusual shape gives the mark a stylish, bold, and unique look.


2008 Brandimage

Visual identity explorations for a 3D motion picture equipment and technology provider, Real D.


2012 Pro Bono

Swipes for homeless partners with college campuses to end hunger while raising young people’s awareness of homelessness and hunger through education and outreach. I created a logo and illustrations for their website. As of 2015, the movement has been renamed to “Swipe Out Hunger” and the previous logo is no longer in use on their website.