I had the great privilege to work in HoloLens/Mixed reality design team as an experience designer for about 3.5 years along with the most talented 3D artists, interaction designers,  and researchers. A lot of the work I did in the team is confidential, but below are a few published projects.

HoloLens 2 OOBE

Besides the generic setup such as Wi-Fi and language, HoloLens 2 OOBE has unique moments such as eye calibration and iris enrollment to enable per-wearer optimization of the display and sign in to the device. I was a lead designer on these 2 eye-related experiences besides taking care of the overall OOBE flow.

Motion designer: Eric Sanderson 
My role: Came up with the initial concept and created a sketch in Unity.
Besides the one above, I sketched out many other ideas that did not make it to the final.

HoloLens 2 Tips app

HoloLens client consultation

Once HoloLens 2 was announced, Microsoft invited ISV(Independent Software Vendor) partners to Microsoft for 2 weeks and provided guidance on porting their existing HoloLens 1 app to HoloLens 2. In total 4 interaction designers were involved in this effort, and each one of us took a turn to be the on-point designer for each client.

Screenshot from official Microsoft HoloLens video highlighting collaboration with Airbus which I was the on-point designer of.

One of the most exciting outcome from this collaboration was to discover and develop features that got repeatedly requested from real customers. Hand menu was one of them, and I was the first designer who took a stab on this interaction during 2 week engagement with one partner. After going through multiple refinement, it has become part of the official MRTK(Mixed Reality Toolkit) component.

Engineer: Cameron Micka 

Medium article + Tutorial video 

As a personal project, I wrote 3 articles and made 1 tutorial video to contribute to Mixed Reality community and help anyone who might be interested in entering the space.