2008, 4 months
Group project at Brand Image Agency in NY
My role: Visual identity, Fixture for the exhibition space, Poster, Give away bag

Living Perfume was a pop-up, eco-friendly exhibition for Mandy Aftel’s Aftelier Perfumes inside iconic New York City retailer, Henri Bendel.

Mandy Aftel is a leading natural perfumer  who uses unique, diverse natural ingredients to create her perfumes. One major characteristic of a natural perfume that distinguishes itself from a synthetic one is that the scent constantly evolves on the skin. While the order of a synthetic perfume often times remains the same throughout its duration on the skin. (Left: Illustration from Fragrant the Secret Life of Scent by Mandy Aftel)

Inspired by the use of natural ingredients and multi-layered structure of natural perfume, I created an identity that hints organic forms of natural elements and interior fixtures, posters and a giveaway bag that are made with many layers.

Sculptural forms made from smooth, silhouetted layers of white sustainable eco-board suggest the sensuality of natural elements-tree, stone formations, a forest-path-while paralleling the layers of perfume and invoking the mystery and beauty of scent. The space is designed to “impose” itself into the store environment in the way something organic would grow and extend out into the “synthetic” world.