“Don’t get too used to this weather!” Seattleites warned a newbie to this city who was transplanted from California during this summer. Being spoiled by California weather for the last 4 years, I was not sure how I would react to the end of bright glaring weather.

Now Summer is gone, and yes, I do sometimes feel more tired and sleepier due to the decreasing daylight & sunlight, but overall it has been quite refreshing to re-experience the difference of seasons.

The change of seasonal drinks.
I know pumpkin spice latte contains little or no actual pumpkin, and the limited time offer is simply a marketing ploy, yet I still do appreciate this subtle yet pervasive cues demarcating the fall at almost every coffee shop.

The change of weekend activity. During the summer, I made a conscious effort to go outside almost every weekend because people here repeatedly told me “Enjoy while you can. The summer in Seattle does not last long”. So I tried and enjoyed many outdoor activities including kayaking, hiking, and outside concerts. It was fun, but at the same time I was being burned out from playing. Fall relieved me from this burden of trying outdoor activity.

The change of daily accessories (Seattleite may say an umbrella is for the tourist though). My bag feels heavier, yet I do like the sound of rain drops on my umbrella SO FAR.

The change of my breathing pattern. The cozy sweaters that hide the embarrassingly bulging mid-section allow me to breathe more freely. Surely, the end of summer is not that bad.